I recently purchased two miniature horses from Silverleaf Farm and was most impressed with their honest representation of the condition of their horses. There were no surprises when they arrived from the transporter. Silverleaf Farm followed through with all necessary paperwork and veterinary work agreed upon and even added some personal touches when the papers arrived in the mail. Our dealings were very professional yet with a nice touch. I would certainly consider purchasing from them again in the future.

Debra Row Cascade Arabians & Miniatures
I had searched for over six months until I found the beautiful refined miniature horses at Silverleaf Farms. Janice, your horses are absolutely the finest I have ever seen and I have looked at plenty of farms across the country. Not only do they have perfect conformation, but your stallion puts his awesome disposition on each of your foals. The miniature horses I purchased from you have turned into the most exceptional yearlings I have seen anywhere. They are gorgeous, affectionate and incredibly smart. Janice, thank you for making the purchasing process a pleasure , with your honest and friendly expertise. I really appreciate the quality that you strive for in each of your horses. I will be purchasing all my future miniature horses from Silverleaf Farms!

Angie Troxel Maui, Hawaii
I have been extremely fortunate and blessed in finding Janice and Raymond Pope. They have spent countless hours with me wither it be phone, e-mail or in person, teaching me the ropes and talking me through my first mini purchase. I am not new to show horses yet I am brand new to the world of the mini. I have been researching breeders for almost a year and this is where the Lord lead me and the experience has been better than I could have hoped for. Thank you for your support and guidance and for truly caring!!
Kelli Corcoran, Heritage Kennels- Singleton, Texas
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